you do you

You Do You

April 21, 2016

Today I had the lovely pleasure of chatting with a new friend, discussing brand identity to sharing stories about the the creative freelance life. I felt a lot of guilt because I haven’t been a good “blogger” lately. I felt like a bad role model -like I wasn’t working hard enough! Which isn’t completely true, because I’ve been working hard balancing my day to day jobs. So…here’s me reminding myself to stop worrying about how/what I’m doing with my life, and just be patient and authentic! Yup #YouDoYou.

gentlefawn #ydy gentlefawn #ydy gentlefawn #ydy

Easier said than done. We as a society are constantly striving to become something bigger and better, looking up to those around us who are doing things we want to do,  longing for something we want to be, and seeking approval and status.

What really sets us in the right direction and opens you to greater opportunity is staying true to who you are. You know what lights you up, so go do it! You don’t need someones approval, someone to help you along the way, or to fear the outcome. Just trust your gut and do yourself the favour and do you! Do what lights you up, and the more you do it, the more you open yourself to the universe supporting you in the right direction! No one has the answers for you. But what I know is that each of us has in us what it takes to become our greater self.

And so I just decided to write about what I needed to hear today. Ashley, you do you. And hey, #YDY too!

Peace and Love!

Dress – Genlefawn

Photography – Vanessa Mayberry



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  • Reply Chrissy May 2, 2016 at 9:30 pm

    YES!! This is exactly what I needed to hear today too. Thanks girl, you rock. xoxox

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