January 24, 2016

Thought I’d touch on an emotion that I’ve been reflecting a lot on: vulnerability…ick, right? Well, I think there’s a lot of greatness that comes from moments in our lives where we either take risks, learn new things, or step out of our comfort zone where we’re going to feel a little, (and sometimes a lot) vulnerable. vulnerabilityvulnerability

Photography by Vanessa Mayberry 

So what’s got me feeling this way these days? Well, I’m a little behind on my reveal…but guess what?! I moved cities! I’m in Toronto, and have been here for just over one week. When did I decide I was going to make the change? Well, just over a month ago actually. It’s hard to describe why I needed to be here other than a strong feeling. I felt this magnetic thing in my gutt leading me here. (Lol sounds so silly, but for real). So I just followed it!

Yup, feeling a little vulnerable. I don’t question my decision. I’m confident it’s what I want and where I need to be, but ask me what my plan is next month and well, I just can’t tell you. I mean I’m workin’ on it, but this openness has got me feeling some awesome feelings and some insecure ones. Naturally. So, I did a little thinking and reading to get centered and aligned with my feelings and intentions.

“We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us”.               – Joseph Campbell

It’s pretty undeniable that vulnerability is going to come along with taking a risk. And I’m willing to take a step in the right direction to seek out my values: creative freedom, innovation, passion, artistry, adventure, openness, growth. As a quintessential introvert though, I often have to tap into my inner world to get the courage to take action. Bringing what happens internally into the external world isn’t an easy thing to do, but it does feel great when the work starts to take form and reality starts to reflect those desires.

Day to day actions, or sometimes a big life decision will meet you on your path. I encourage you to acknowledge the risk. Look inward. Remind yourself of your core values, stay true to your desires and have courage to make a step. Or a leap…leaps are fun, but if you know it’s the direction your inner compass is leading you then go for it!

                  “Your authority lies in your responsibility to make your vision come to life”.                    -Beth Buelow

So, I also have intentions to start sharing more of my personal journey with you. (Hello again, my friend vulnerability). I find sharing real life experiences, with real feelings,  really empowering! From a place of humility and honesty, I hope to share something that may inspire you! And I have to admit, I feel that writing this out will keep me accountable and motivated!

I’d also like to credit author Beth Buelow of “The Introvert Entrepreneur”. She’s got me feeling very empowered through having positively addressed the natural feelings of risk, and vulnerability. Maybe you’re someone who see’s the challenge and excitement around risk and vulnerability? I’m curious to know outlook too!

Sending good vibes to you all!

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Denim – Top Shop

Bodice – Victoria’s Secret

Jewels – Forever21

Neck Scarf – Zara


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