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The Roost

November 3, 2016

Nestled on a rooftop in the heart of the Italian district on Corydon Ave, Winnipeg, sits The Roost – an intimate and refined boutique resto that offers creative cocktails and shareable plates. Its atmosphere is coy, moody, and unassumed, but don’t be fooled – the cocktail list and food menu is bold and quite impressive featuring ever evolving inspired cocktails with ingredients found only in the most savvy of collections. The Roost WinnnipegOur mixologist and dear friend Elsa crafted our drinks with all the lovin and special attention! Her passion and artistry are evident in every detail of her creative cocktails, from the rare and adventurous ingredients to the thoughtful names she’s given them. Quite frankly, they are less of  a “cocktail”, and more of a personality/character, or mood composed of spirits and elixirs that are manifested as alcoholic beverages. We were enchanted! I, being inclined towards gin, chose the Sour Grapes: Ransom old tom gin, oloroso sherry, sour ale, and concord rose cordial. Entranced by her whimsical smile, the many gleaming antique bottles of cordials, flavoured bitters, and (I’ll never forget) her signature dash of edible glitter…was tempted to sample every drink she touched. The composition alone was like watching something unknown come to life. What was going to go in next, will it be a flower, a dash from that mysterious bottle, a funny shaped ice cube, something on fire?  Yup, she had me under her spell! The Roost WinnnipegWe were surprised by what we were in store for next! Probably the most delicious ravioli I’ve EVER had in life! It was cute too. Before us, the giant hand made Roast Lamb Shoulder Ravioli served with pea purée, mint, brown butter & creme fraiche. A rich and savoury dish that impressed and delighted our tastebuds! The Halibut & Brie with sautéed spinach, pernod-creme, and lemon oil was a lovely gastronomic contrast of light texture, and decadent brie flavour. We also made sure to round out our course with a serving of vegetables: The Carrot Timbale spiced with curries and ginger coconut. theroost3
What I loved most about my experience at The Roost is how much love, care, and passion is behind their carefree and comfortable atmosphere. They celebrate the small details in an unadorned and organic way. It’s truly a place where the art lover, foodie, cocktail enthusiast, the lover of the real and authentic, the homegrown…can come to appreciate the details that make The Roost a true gem! And at its core, are talented and genuine souls like Elsa – The Artiste.  This shines through in everything she creates from playwrights, to illustrations, to the drinks we have the privilege to enjoy! Thanks for treating us like princes and princesses! Big love to you all!

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