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Beloved Story

August 21, 2017

✨✨We got Beloved Stories featured! ✨✨Beloved Stories is a community of photographers and romantic visual storytellers. I used their dreamy Lightroom preset to edit these photos captured by Vanessa Mayberry. Now – I’m ever so happy to share our beloved story with you!

There are so many things I cherish about our love story, but one of the things I love most (aside from my deep admiration and respect for Alex as an individual) is our way of communicating with one another. I mean, our personalities have always clicked, and we feel wildly attracted to another in a visceral way, but it’s also the ways in which we sensitively communicate, combined with our desire to understand and be understood, that brings huge meaning to our lives together.

Our story began in high school, Alex was an exchange student (you’ll read the whole story below), and distance was a factor we knew we’d come up against, but we gave into our feelings as teenagers do. Things changed in our University years as we studied in different countries, and we went separate ways to pursue our studies and grow as individuals. We had remained good friends and technology made it easy to keep in touch with each other over the years (as opposed to back in 2005, when we went through hundreds of calling cards!). It was only until recently, when timing, circumstance, and curiosity brought us to meet up in person. What next? Well here’s our story:

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KLASSE14 volare dark rose

August 16, 2017

Unique and minimal, my Klasse14 watch is my spirit watch 😂. I mean we basically have the same name, and definitely have very similar taste in design. The volare dark rose with mesh band ticked off all my must haves to a great long lasting, classic time piece. The band is adjustable and strong (I will not wear a leather band because it’s inevitable that it will wear down one day). The face is large and easy to read, non marked with numbers or seconds (gotta have negative space). I personally keep my watch 3 min faster so that knowing the time down to the minute isn’t that crucial for being on schedule. The colours, black on dark rose gold is strikingly sexy, minimal, and feminine. Matching it with my wardrobe is a breeze as it goes well with all my neutral tones. Continue Reading…

klassh the fable silk shirts and their stories
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The Fable: Silk Shirts and their stories

August 7, 2017

Ashley and Arika gravel pit déjà vu? Well yes, almost two years ago my sister Arika and I did a “sister shoot” at this exact gravel pit in Birds Hill Manitoba. That day marked the beginning of a beautiful friendship with the talented artist and sweet soul, photographer Vanessa Mayberry! We had met through Instagram, and set out to do a creative shoot, and it was our first time meeting up in person! Fast forward two years later. The landscape has changed, and naturally so have we. The gravel pits no longer have the abandoned (albeit quite dangerous) digging structure. We don’t see each other as often as we live in different cities, but we have all made huge strides towards growing our talents and careers and still do our best to make time to see each other and create magic together! Continue Reading…