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March 13, 2016

I recently had the pleasure of sharing a few details about myself and my blog with Style Nine to Five. I have to say, I’m so grateful to have met such wonderful people in the blogging world! What I enjoy most about blogging is the opportunity to collaborate and meet with other like minded individuals to share each others stories in life/business/ art and inspire each other on our individual journeys. There’s a great sense of comradery in the blog world (in Toronto specifically) as we’re all united by a similar thread of passion that drives us to create and share, in a way that inspires and unites us as a community. It’s refreshing to connect with new people (and I’m not just talking bloggers but everyone I meet along the way via social media and online) who share similar tastes, values, passions, as you do and I have to thank technology and the blog world for uniting us. style nine to five style nine to fiveRead the interview with Style Nine To Five here!

Sweater – Thrifted

Pants – Gentle Fawn

Shoes – Zara

Bag – Zara

Photography – Vanessa Mayberry 

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