sandy blue

sandy blue

August 9, 2015

The colors and textures of the beach have always had a way of making me feel at ease like nothing else does. The contrast of sand and water are constantly playing with each other. The sand, often pesky how it finds its ways into places and spaces is so easily and conveniently washed away back to its place by the waters where it was created. There’s a great sense of deconstruction, release, and refreshment met with this natural cycle.

When I tried on this soft neutral toned dress, with the fun fringe details, I knew it needed to be photographed in natural elements: the sand and water. I love the recent trend of fringe being incorporated into today’s style. It’s realised as more wearable and subtle by the pale blue tone. Fringe can be interpreted as grungy, boho, sexy, rebellious, or romantic all in how it’s featured. This pale sundress is a lovely way to wear the trend in a more stylish, modern-boho way.
Sometimes an item of clothing just speaks to me and I know exactly where and how I want to photograph it. The feeling has been happening way too often.

Stepping into the brush and forest alongside the pits made me feel a bit like a 21st century Pocahontas, but the result from these photos was surprisingly lovely.
ashley ashley2

Stylist: Ashley Klassen

Dress: Zara

Glow: OrganicTan

Photographer: Vanessa Mayberry

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    these are so stunning!! 😀

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      Thank you! <3

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