sanctuary in prince edward county
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Sanctuary in Prince Edward County

January 8, 2018

This hidden gem, tucked away in Prince Edward County–only 2hrs from Toronto, is a sanctuary within a Sanctuary...literally! Airbnb host Tara, renovated this one room century church into a modern open concept haven!  It has all the luxurious touches…King size bed (but of course, situated on the altar), bed side love poems, essential oils, soaker tub and epsom salts, living space with curated reads and fireplace, private washroom with beautifully scented apothecary, hammock, yoga mats, stereo, mini kitchen with artisan coffee and all the works for creating the perfect charcuterie. THIS SPACE…sanctuary in prince edward county

You can bet, we pulled out our iphone’s, connected to the bluetooth speakers, and immediately started prepping for what would be an epic photoshoot and slumber party! My beautiful girlfriends Lisa, Amanda, Rachel and I had so much creative inspiration adrenaline running through our veins from feeling so at home and comfortable in this space. What happened next? First item on the agenda was just to get shooting! This is just a sneak peak! Lisa, holistic nutritionist and glow goddess in her natural element! Raw beauty inside and out is what this girl is all about!sanctuary in prince edward county

Rachel, nutritionalist/yoga instructor, sunshine lady with one of the brightest and most playful personalities. There’s no ends to her creativity and overflowing energy! Amanda, gentle soul and sweet as pie but watch out, she’s a firecracker of fun! Tastemaker and artistic curator, she’s always working on sharing beauty with the world! How I just love capturing her artistic vibes.sanctuary in prince edward county

Prince Edward County

Pack a bag (minimal because you don’t need much when you’re in such a giving space) and plan your next staycation in Prince Edward County at “Sanctuary in the County“.  Stay in for a peaceful retreat, or spend a few days and check out the sights! Here’s a few places to visit in the area:

  1. The Drake Devonshire. Dinner on the lake, brunch in the morning? Only the most delicious eats in their eclectic space
  2.  The Hubb at Angelines Inn. Fooooood so goooood.
  3. Norman Hardie’s. Wine. Need I say more? Then take a visit to Rose hall Run Winery across the street.
  4. Kinsip. Distillery
  5. The County General. Good espresso and gifts.
  6. Enid Grace in Wellington (also good for brunch).


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