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Thanks for visiting my photography page! I ‘d love to include you in the AMAZING opportunity I have with the Dupont Studio Lofts (888 Dupont St, Toronto). I’ll be booking a limited amount of photography sessions over 5 days this March. Whether you’re interested in some fresh lifestyle photography for your online profiles, you’re celebrating a special occasion, or you just want to have fun photos (invite your lover and your dog Cheetos!), I would love to capture your story in this beautiful space.

Fresh professional photography delivered to you in a beautiful online gallery for download within a week at a price that is simply, well, priceless.

More reasons to say “sign me up!”

  • “Styled” Photography. Styling a photo is a way of visual storytelling where I use elements like mood, color, and natural props or movements to create an organic and lifelike vibe to my photography.
  • Photos you can USE. Studio photography–you know the kind I’m talking about, [insert grade 6 photo with hand propping chin], is not my style. I focus on lifestyle photography (natural light, backdrops, poses) which breathes a real story. You can feel confident cherishing and sharing this style of photography with the world for years to come.
  • Convenient, super fast delivery. Are you ever just afraid to work with a photographer because you had a bad experience with photo delivery in the past? Well, I’ve been there.  I promise to deliver your photos to you in a timely fashion in a convenient gallery that you can download online!
  • Best bang for your buck. Having the Dupont Studio Loft space (it’s a fully loaded apartment, my friends home), with dates and times pre scheduled, and transparent expectations all laid out for you before you book means most of the details have already been taken care of for you.

Tell me more!

Scroll past all my imagery to the bottom of the page where I outline Sessions and Pricing and fill out the form to inquire about a time!

Care to see some styles of photography and testimonials?

Scroll with intention ☺️.



“Ashley is not only a beauty from the inside out, but she captures the innate beauty, and radiance of every soul she photographs. It’s not just a picture, or a shoot, it’s an experience. One where you feel you can be yourself, in your most natural state. She has such a innate gift + eye for simplicity, truth, and capturing this all within moments. Hiring Ash for your photographer is the best gift, and investment, as she captures soulful beauty that will be with you, and your family forever. Pictures do live forever, and with Ashley behind the lens, your photos will stir emotions in you for decades to come. I could not recommend hiring her enough!!!” -Lisa Holowaychuck Holistic Nutritionalist


I’m all about sharing the romance and love through everyday moments. What did that look like for Zach & Amanda? Well I spent the afternoon with these two creatives (in the Dupont Studio Lofts!) making cocktails, taking Polaroids, hanging with the cats, and flipping through coffee table books. Maybe your thang is baking cookies, board games, record playing, eating pizza, Saturday trips to the market together, or just straight up chillin’ intertwined on the couch.


“I remember she took a picture of messy shoes in my hallway…(embarrassed that I forgot to put them away!) but something about the way she captured and edited that photo, made them look magical! I truly don’t know anyone with the eye for beauty and talent to make ordinary objects come to life.” – Zach Hoffman-Rogers


What are some of the things you like doing most? Yoga and wellness are part of Rachel’s everyday life, Amanda is a wine aficionado, Lisa loves trips to the park, clean eats, and reading. Where do you shine?



“My favourite photos are ones that she’s taken of me! To say that Ashley is a talented photographer is an understatement. Ashley not only has the ability to create a well balanced scene, but she will capture you the way you’ve always wanted to be seen. The photos that she’s taken of myself, my love, and my friends will forever be timeless representations of that moment.” – Amanda Mullen


I’m quite protective over my interpretation of “boudoir”. I think that provoking mystery and a romantic soft taste in aesthetic play a major role in capturing the evocative female shape. The most sexy thing about a woman is her confidence, and her willingness to show only pieces of it.


“You’re guaranteed the most magical photos when shooting with Ashley. She is a creative and talented genius behind the lens, and has a unique eye and gift to capture beautiful moments. Ashley is professional, punctual and an absolute dream to work with. She has a wonderful way of making others feel immediately comfortable and confident. Thank you Ashley for capturing moments and memories I will be able to look back and admire always.”  – Rachel Dick


I prefer to showcase a brand in a lifestyle setting, styling it as part of backdrop that sets a mood, complements the tones, and tells a story of where your product can take you! I brought Jenna Rae Cakes Macaroons on a beach picnic with the girls. This Mur Lifestyle Turkish Towel is tucked in with an Maguey beach bag, packed and ready to go on it’s next adventure. These Coqui Coqui fragrances and apothecary are delicately assembled beside a Mayan clay tub just waiting to be enjoyed!


“Ashley’s work is consistent and impactful due to her sharp eye for detail and curated aesthetic. Her personal style shines through in every product shot, but she never loses focus of the campaign’s end goals. It’s always a pleasure to work with her!” – Ashley Nicole Illchuck  Co-Owner of Jenna Rae Cakes


Man, how I love the female body! To me, my approach shooting maternity is very similar to shooting boudoir in that seeking to capture natural beauty is at the essence of what makes a beautiful shot. Soft, subtle, relaxed and organic photo styling.


“Ashley was a pleasure to work with! She brings a cheery calm disposition, an encouraging attitude and comes prepared with ideas which can help anyone with nerves in front of the camera 9especially myself!). It was refreshing to work with a photographer that did not want to take “traditional”maternity shots but wanted to capture our natural moment, which could have been a typical relaxing day at home. Her photography is natural, refreshing and beautiful, which still makes me happy to look at over and over again.” – Brittany King

Pricing for Dupont Loft Sessions

1 hour session @ $175.00 (Portrait/Lifestyle/Brand)

1 hour 45 minutes @ $350.00 (Couple, Family, Maternity, Boudoir, Lifestyle)

Custom Session 2+ hours @$165 hourly rate (For when you don’t want time to hinder your creativity!)


Ready to book? 🙆🏼 Inquire below. Fill out the form and I’ll be in touch. For these sessions (Dupont Studio Loft, March), time slots are limited and bookings will take place on a first come first serve basis.

Have an idea for a different day/time/occasion to shoot?! Let’s get brainstorming and make it happen! Just send me an email and we can get things on a roll 😊💌

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