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July 31, 2015

Organic and tanning are two terms that did not coexist in the past, that is, not until OrganicTan opened their doors for business. I am a huge supporter of organic beauty products (essential oils are my thang) and couldn’t have been more excited to experience their service. Organically sun kissed skin…dreamy. So, off for an OrganicTan I went!

* Display photo by Vanessa Mayberry. Taken 2 days after spray tan.

organic tan display

Before organic spray tan vs. Immediately after organic spray tan.

Why get an OrganicTan?

Because an organic glow is the best and most healthy choice for your skin.  Some reasons in a nutshell are:

  • Hypoallergenic
  •  Paraben-Free
  •  Alcohol-Free
  •  Fragrance-Free
  •  Organic Ingredients (great for sensitive skin!)
  •  Green tea, Aloe Vera, Essential Oils
  •  Results up to 7-10 days
  •  Custom Blended (a must!)
  •  20 Minute appointment
  •  Anti-cellulite Formula (bonus!)


What do they offer?

Organic spray tans in CUSTOM shades to create the color perfect for you,  airbrushed in person to get the most accurate coverage, with mobile or in studio service.

Organic lotions You can take these delicious products home to moisturize, gently enhance your tan, or self-tan at home! Fruit extracts that make them smell so sweet you could almost eat them!

So, what do you choose?

Go for a spray tan! I know, right? It sounds so uncomfortable; my head started picturing images of orange chemicals in a vertical coffin with an automated voice telling you to rotate…  But, these ladies at OrganicTan offer only custom, in person organic spray tans. And there is no need to be shy. They are friendly, gentle, and professional.  You are being custom tanned so you don’t have to risk coming out a “bottled” shade.

Take home the SunnaTan Organic Body Lotion (I like kiwi fruit) to keep your skin soft and moisturized. This is very important step in maintaining an even, lasting tan. I also opted for the SunnaTan “Colour Me Dark” sunless tanning extender, which is a gradual shimmery blend of organic ingredients that work to develop and extend your tan naturally, and it works great! All in all the result is an effective natural color and it’s gentle on sensitive skin.


How to prepare!

Days before: Smooth, clean skin!

  • Schedule your tan a day (or two) before you want to show it off.  It needs time to develop.
  • Exfoliate. As a general rule, you want to exfoliate the skin to get rid of any dead skin and rough edges. This will ensure a deep, even tan.
  • Shave. Kind of a given, seeing as you will be in the shower anyway. You can’t shave or get wet 12 hours after your spray tan.
  • Stay clean. Don’t lather yourself up in lotions and perfumes. Use a light organic moisturizer or a lil coconut oil as moisturizer. You want your skin to be as clean as possible.

Day of:

  • Don’t wear white. Trust me. After the tan you will be a bit sticky and the residue/bronzer will still be on your top skin layer. So to avoid it getting on your clothes, wear something you don’t mind getting a little color on. The more loose the better. Does it wash out? For the most part-on white it will still leave a little faint color. At least mine did after the first wash.
  • Bring a bathing suit or underwear you don’t mind getting sprayed. That is unless you are ok with going nude because that is also acceptable-no tan lines!
  • Don’t wear makeup. You’ll just have to take it off anyway.


What to expect?

Appointments are 20 min long.

After you have arrived, changed, and are awaiting the tan…here’s a breakdown of what will happen.

You will be given a towel of which you will use to cover yourself when you enter the room with the tanning tent. A spray tan professional will now guide you on what to do. They will let put you on some sticky foot slippers and massage organic balm onto the sides of your feet and palms of your hands to avoid spray from sticking to these parts. Let’s not forget the sexy hair cap. They will then take you through a series of stances which may seem a bit silly and robotic, but have been deliberately chosen to assure the spray is applied evenly to your body. You may feel a little cool, it is after all compressed air that’s being blown at you during the application. For us Winnipeggers, cold’s no biggie right? Once you have gone through the poses, the professional will remove buff/brush in any areas like armpits and inside elbows to ensure the tanning product has blended easily and thoroughly in those nooks and crannies. She will wipe off the balm and go over hands with a moisturizer blending in the product naturally.  Then you’re done! Will it look that much different right away? Actually, you may notice a faint tan line, or perceive yourself as a shade darker, but you will really notice a difference as time goes by and as it develops.  I went in with some natural color, mostly uneven though, and they custom blended a mix to make my shade the same color as my most sun exposed areas: my forearms. I noticed the most difference 12 hours later.

After your OrganicTan

  • Don’t get wet. It is recommended to have a shower 12 hours after. Color is less likely to transfer after your shower.
  • Don’t get sweaty. No works outs or sweaty activity as it may cause your tan to run. The first 12 hours your tan needs to soak into your skin and develop. It’s a good excuse to have a “treat yourself” day. Lunch out, movie night-take it easy.
  • Don’t mess with it. If you do notice a blotch from water or sweat, just use a moisturizer to blend the tan in again.
  • Do buy some of the SunnaTan products. Why get an OrganicTan if you’re not going to nourish it properly with organic products? The products smell amazing and are created to extend your tan ensuring you get the most out of it. You can opt to use simple organic coconut oil, or any other organic product, but ensure you do not use anything containing alcohol. This will strip away the tan.sunnatan


Got more questions? Here’s a quick Q & A

What’s in it?

All natural ingredients baby! No unwanted preservatives – only ingredients that serve a purpose. A large percentage is distilled water while the rest contains organic natural coloring, plant extracts and essential oils.  There’s also hydrating and anti-aging ingredients to nourish your skin.  Read the full list here!

How long does it last?

7 – 10 days. You’re the most bronzed a day after. You stay that way for about two-three days then it starts to gradually decrease in color. It will decrease faster if you are not moisturizing or using an enhancer. The more you shower or get wet, the faster it will fade.  After a week, I’m about ½ the color I was when it was fully developed.

Does it smell?

It’s hard to describe how the spray smells, light caramelized notes I suppose? The products that you apply, such as the balm, moisturizer or bronzer, smell AMAZING. The lotion kiwi fruit Organic Lotion smells sweet and fresh, while the Colour Me Dark lotion smells like vanilla cupcakes.

Will it stain?

Don’t wear white. During the first 12 hours you will notice you’re a bit tacky and the bronzer in the spray is easily transferable to clothing. So just wear darker colors. It will, for the most part, depending on how tight your clothing was worn, the color of fabric, and how much you perspired that day. After you shower it won’t transfer as easily, if at all.

How much is it?

In-Studio $45
In-Studio unlimited monthly $99
In-Studio punch card 4 tans $160
Mobile solo $60
Mobile with friend $55 each
Mobile Solo 5 tans $250


Before appointment versus immediately after appointment. Tan has yet to fully develop.


I really enjoyed my experience at OrganicTan, and am so happy there is a safer alternative to looking naturally sun kissed. OrganicTan compliments my organic skin care regiment as it moisturizes and enriches the skin (unlike the harmful effects of sun tanning). I am most definitely looking forward to wearing my beautiful OrganicTan throughout the winter months to come.

OrganicTan has locations all across Canada. In Winnipeg, they are currently located at 691 Corydon, second floor. Entrance it between Mano a Mano and Teos. They are open 7 days a week and late on Thursdays and Fridays! You can book by phone or online.


Photo taken two days after OrganicTan.


Photo taken two days after OrganicTan

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