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February 13, 2016

Valentine’s got me in the mood for something that makes me feel oh so good. Something I crave…something I simply can’t live without. Those cravings and irresistible urges. It’s a serious and constant kind of love…red1 red2

I’m talking about my love of chocolate. I mean, I could talk about love. I love love more than chocolate,  but this time, my relationship with chocolate is the more relevant.

My love for chocolate is non discriminating. (White chocolate, milk chocolate, sea salt dark chocolate, chocolate cheesecake, truffles, ice cream, hot cocoa, cookies…I love all!) Nothing beats a dense chocolate cake, or a chewy chocolate chip brownie though.

And yes! Sometimes a lot of guilt comes along with being a chocoholic, but there are ways to sneak out some of the “bad” ingredients and make some “healthier” substitutions. So I’m sharing two recipes I had success with this past week.

These Secret Healthy Brownies from Yammie’s Noshery were super moist! (zucchini and applesauce for the win) And the frosting is a must! Seriously, this recipe is insane.


Image from Yammie’s Noshery

These Paleo (gluten-dairy-free) Chocolate Chip Cookies from were so nice and soft with a slight chewy texture. I used chunks of dark chocolate, so yum!


Image from

I hope you find a reason to celebrate love and chocolate this weekend!

Fashion Photography by Vanessa Mayberry

Dress – H&M


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