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how to pose for the camera

February 22, 2016

Posing, or the art of, may be something that just comes naturally to some, but for most (including myself) it’s a mix of what I’ve learned and the art of photography. How to take a good picture involves so many elements. Angle, lighting, camera, posture…but for now, I’d like to offer a few tips on posing.blue1 blue2

How to “strike a pose” haha. Ok well, I guess the key is don’t strike…be loose. The looser the better.

Be calm, and be yourself. There’s nothing more beautiful than your genuine self. Trust me. You being you looks so good on camera! Easy. But here’s a few other tips to help you feel relaxed and help you get that expression you like about yourself on camera. You’re your own worst critic, so I think once you know what features you like about yourself that you want to highlight, you can count on them when sifting through pictures later.

Know your angles. Time for some mirror time. What angles do you like best for your face, your hips, your arms. Practice them in front of a mirror, discover them, experiment around. Make a mental note for later. This will change depending on your outfit. Nerdy side note: I usually always try my outfit on and pose in various positions in front of a full body mirror so I know before hand how I want to show off and pose in the outfit to make it look it’s best. Certain fabrics, silhouettes are going to drape off you differently depending on your pose. I know my face looks more slim and longer if it’s slightly tilted as opposed to straight on at the camera (that’s my secret angle). Personally, I just like the way I look with the slight off center angle better than the straight on at the camera.

Try not looking at the camera. If you’re not really comfortable looking directly at the camera, don’t. Look off to the side, play coy and just peak at the camera every now and then. There’s no pressure.

Take in your surroundings. What kind of space are you in? Is it subdued, minimal, warm, bare, woodsy… how does it make you feel? React with your surroundings. Choose to blend in with them by complementing their vibes or contrasting with them. Maybe this photo isn’t about being “you posing by a tree”, but you reacting to how it feels to be in that space, what it reminds you of…

Be yourself, but don’t. Play a little. Pretend you’re someone else, someone you admire, a character from a movie, a soul from another century. Maybe this makes you uncomfortable – then don’t do it, stick with being true to your gut. But maybe this is the perfect opportunity to have fun and perform/play. If you have an alter ego, bring her out! I love to loose myself in the performance of a a shoot imagining I’m another persona.

Hopefully you can take some of these tips with you next photo op you get!

Top – Zara

Trousers – Talula

Shoes – Adidas

Bag – Calvin Klein

Necklace – Layered and Long

Photography – Vanessa Mayberry





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