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Glam Hair – Aveda

November 25, 2015

aveda silver

I had the opportunity to enjoy my first ever Aveda experience in preparation for a glam night out at the Boobyball.  What really sets Aveda apart from the others, is their personalized spa-like experience, exceptional product quality, and cutting edge techniques. I was wowed!

So I show up the the Aveda Institute and Academy located downtown Winnipeg, expecting to walk into a typical, small-ish salon of maybe 12 staff or so, with a box of a dozen cookies from local bakery in my part of town. When I walked in I was surprised, as the Institute and Academy was so spacious and bustling with activity!

What blew me away?

My innovative stylist and Academy educator, Jenna, sat me down to talk about my hair. I was in for a wash and style. So, we discussed my hair type, which product line would best suit my needs (the Damage Remedy line –  my hair + too many hot tools), and then Jenna gave me a scalp massage before heading off to the sink.

“Do you always get scalp massages, because this feels amazing!” – says the first timer.

Jenna – “Unless you’re getting a color done, since we don’t want to expose the activated hair follicle, then yes of course!”

(How lovely!)

Over at the partitioned sink room, I was treated to the Damage Remedy line of shampoo and conditioner. I loved that I was offered personalized hair care and not just what ever was in the pump at the sinks.


What else I LOVED about my experience?

  • My passionate stylist Jenna, who contributed her artistry and knowledge of hair care/styling and products to enhance my experience. She’s also just a super cool chic, and I loved that she was constantly creating and building on her expertise as a hair stylist and as a professional educator at the Academy. She also gave me herbal tea, awesome hair,  all over chatting about artsy hangs in the city and travel adventures!
  • The products. 98% plant derived ingredients? I’M ALL OVER THAT! They value environmental sustainability, which contributes to their mission of connecting beauty, environment, and well-being…oh yeeees! Also, their products smell AMAZING! I’m hooked on the scent!

What can I say, I was definitely impressed. The products, the staff, their mission, really resonated with my values and contributed to a unique salon experience that I’d highly recommend to all my friends and family. Good things are happening down in the heart of the exchange Winnipeg, and I highly encourage you to take an adventure and try one of their many services and customized treatments. They also offer rewards and specials for newcomers – bonus!

aveda 2

Photography by Vanessa Mayberry

What had to come home with me!

aveda goodies

Check out where this Glam look went that night – The BOOBYBALL!

Outfit details found HERE!

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