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FortWhyte Alive Blood Moon

November 9, 2015

It was a most magical fall day at FortWhyte Alive! The weather was simply gorgeous with clear skies and warm temperatures for a fall eve. The geese were due to land at 6pm on the waters of FortWhyte as they prepared for fall migration – and, tonight was made extra special by the occurrence of a Blood Moon.

I have to admit, I had only been to FortWhyte a couple times, mostly I remember as a kid once for a field trip. I mostly remember all the taxidermy in the learning center, that stuff really makes a lasting impression on a young one. So, I had somewhat forgot about this natural escape near the edge of city limits. The trails were woven through wooded birch and pines, over board-walked ponds and amidst eerie reeds, to up along the rivers edge. Provided, a gift shop and eatery are near by if you’re anxious for city amenities after your leisurely adventure.

We sat around a fire pit after our walk to make home made bannock which we got to cover in our treats of choice (cinnamon and sugar for me)! Geese were honking over head as they came to gather on the water with the sun casting long shadows and putting on a creamy orange light show. And as we walked to the car, there she was. The moon, in all her fullness and strength. The eclipse would take place in a few hours higher in the sky, but we were lucky enough to catch a glimplse of her before heading back into the city. Mother nature was singing to me: evolve, change, grow, slow down, enjoy, give thanks, share, move forward… I listened.

fortwhyte alive fortwhyte alivefortwhyte fortwhyte alive

Sweater – Zara

Tights – House of Holland

Boots – Windsor Smith

Fur Cowl – Danier

Blanket – Vintage Hudson’s Bay

Photography – Vanessa Mayberry

Location – FortWhyte Alive

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