klassh the fable silk shirts and their stories
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The Fable: Silk Shirts and their stories

August 7, 2017

Ashley and Arika gravel pit déjà vu? Well yes, almost two years ago my sister Arika and I did a “sister shoot” at this exact gravel pit in Birds Hill Manitoba. That day marked the beginning of a beautiful friendship with the talented artist and sweet soul, photographer Vanessa Mayberry! We had met through Instagram, and set out to do a creative shoot, and it was our first time meeting up in person! Fast forward two years later. The landscape has changed, and naturally so have we. The gravel pits no longer have the abandoned (albeit quite dangerous) digging structure. We don’t see each other as often as we live in different cities, but we have all made huge strides towards growing our talents and careers and still do our best to make time to see each other and create magic together!

klassh the fable silk shirts and their stories

I love shooting with Vanessa because of how comfortable she makes me feel. Her eagerness and sense of adventure while shooting combined with her friendly and down to earth personality always make for fun, playful and creative shoots.  She has a great ability to create and adapt to her surroundings, always listening and ready to capture those organic moments.  Enter Arika on set, and those organic moments are rather goofy. I turn over to look at her, and what feels like a serious, almost romantic look in each other’s eyes (which we of course go along with) lasts just a socially unacceptable second too long until one of us makes a ridiculous theatrical expression that throws us into laughter. It’s one of the qualities I love most about her. She’s smart, personable, super likeable and friendly and ridiculously shameless and comical.

These soft and ever so beautiful 100% silk shirts have a story of their own too. The fable story was born in Jaipur when a series of chance encounters inspired Australian founder/designer Sophie to create a product she had for a long time had an affinity with: The Silk Shirt. Quality, detail, and affordability, and ethical, eco-friendly production and manufacturing are something most brands struggle to deliver, but what is at the root of what makes The Fable so unique and beautiful.  The shirts are made by hand, right down to button dye. Every detail is carefully considered, from the silk itself. Each shirt retails for $130 AUD. This is all possible due to a simple supply chain which connects the factory directly with end consumer. These timeless silk shirts are effortlessly chic, and can be worn with trousers or a skirt for formal occasions, or styled with a knot and a bralette for sunny beach days.

Be open and playful in life, and with your style. It’s in these moments where you laugh, discover, and celebrate life.

klassh the fable silk shirts and their stories

Photography: Vanessa Mayberry

Silk Shirts: The Fable



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