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July 31, 2015

Organic and tanning are two terms that did not coexist in the past, that is, not until OrganicTan opened their doors for business. I am a huge supporter of organic beauty products (essential oils are my thang) and couldn’t have been more excited to experience their service. Organically sun kissed skin…dreamy. So, off for an OrganicTan I went!

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keep me golden sunnatan

Keep Me Golden

December 6, 2015

Keep Me Golden is the signature blend of OrganicTan ingredients in a convenient spray can you can take on the go! Keep Me Golden is perfect for extending the life of your existing airbrush tan, or alone as a do-it yourself gradual glow. The self-tanning mist aerosol spray delivers an ultra fine mist for an easy to use application. Formulated with all natural ingredients, and completely chemical free, the delicate hint of shimmer gives an immediate glow and allows for perfectly even application