sanctuary in prince edward county
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Sanctuary in Prince Edward County

January 8, 2018

This hidden gem, tucked away in Prince Edward County–only 2hrs from Toronto, is a sanctuary within a Sanctuary...literally! Airbnb host Tara, renovated this one room century church into a modern open concept haven!  It has all the luxurious touches…King size bed (but of course, situated on the altar), bed side love poems, essential oils, soaker tub and epsom salts, living space with curated reads and fireplace, private washroom with beautifully scented apothecary, hammock, yoga mats, stereo, mini kitchen with artisan coffee and all the works for creating the perfect charcuterie. THIS SPACE…sanctuary in prince edward county

You can bet, we pulled out our iphone’s, connected to the bluetooth speakers, and immediately started prepping for what would be an epic photoshoot and slumber party! My beautiful girlfriends Lisa, Amanda, Rachel and I had so much creative inspiration adrenaline running through our veins from feeling so at home and comfortable in this space. What happened next? First item on the agenda was just to get shooting! This is just a sneak peak! Lisa, holistic nutritionist and glow goddess in her natural element! Raw beauty inside and out is what this girl is all about!sanctuary in prince edward county

Rachel, nutritionalist/yoga instructor, sunshine lady with one of the brightest and most playful personalities. There’s no ends to her creativity and overflowing energy! Amanda, gentle soul and sweet as pie but watch out, she’s a firecracker of fun! Tastemaker and artistic curator, she’s always working on sharing beauty with the world! How I just love capturing her artistic vibes.sanctuary in prince edward county

Prince Edward County

Pack a bag (minimal because you don’t need much when you’re in such a giving space) and plan your next staycation in Prince Edward County at “Sanctuary in the County“.  Stay in for a peaceful retreat, or spend a few days and check out the sights! Here’s a few places to visit in the area:

  1. The Drake Devonshire. Dinner on the lake, brunch in the morning? Only the most delicious eats in their eclectic space
  2.  The Hubb at Angelines Inn. Fooooood so goooood.
  3. Norman Hardie’s. Wine. Need I say more? Then take a visit to Rose hall Run Winery across the street.
  4. Kinsip. Distillery
  5. The County General. Good espresso and gifts.
  6. Enid Grace in Wellington (also good for brunch).


Love Stories

Zach & Amanda

November 27, 2017

Calling all lovers!!! I am super excited to announce that I will now be booking couple photoshoots in the New Year! If you’re interested, shoot me an email! You can expect laid back, organic styled shoots made of authentic moments, maybe some yummy things, lots of cuddles, furry friends…all the love and magic–just like these two love birds. And now getting to the real deal…

I had the ABSOLUTE pleasure of shooting my friends (taste maker, experience curator, life lover) Amanda and her love  Zach (jack of all trades, host with the most moonlight artisan chef) in their loft–which they designed, (and is for rent for photoshoots) 😍… and all I can say is WOW!!!! They really are lovers of beauty, fun, adventure…and lovers of love! I feel so honoured to have captured them in their element. Here’s their love story:

When/how did you meet?

Z: 2 and half years ago. Or 10 lifetimes ago, maybe somewhere in between?

A: We met at the restaurant “Colette”. He just came back from Thailand and I had just started working in the Kitchen there. We had a brief introduction but my first actual encounter with him was when I was prepping sandwiches in the kitchen, I had about 12 sprawled out in front of me and I heard a sarcastic voice swoop by that said: “I love a girl that can make a sandwich…” It was at that moment, I thought he’s either super chauvinistic or absolutely hilarious and I HAVE to get to know him.  

Describe your first date?

Z: I was late, she took a big chance and I think that luck played a big part on her giving me a second date.

A: I was just finishing a morning shift at Colette and ran into Zach who had just by chance, got the night off. He invited me to go to the Dundas food/street party, to this day it still feels like we were transported to another city. We walked around, popping into different tapas bars, and cocktail joints. By our third spot we were sitting at the bar and as he mentioned he was going to the washroom.. he grabbed my face and we had the best first kiss! It still shocks me how he kissed and continued to the bathroom like nothing, I literally sat there in shock/bliss until he came back.

When was the moment you felt your heart fall for him?

Z: Within the first month, no doubt! We knew right away that we both had something the other one needed.

A: Is it too clichè to say when I first saw him? Haha no but honestly, I really fell for Zach the moment we were one-on-one and I felt totally at ease. He’s always made me feel so comfortable and happy in my own skin.

What’s a favourite travel memory you have together?

Z: Driving around Iceland in a little European sedan, watching snow blow off the mountains while we soak in hot springs deep in the mountains.

A: We rented a car and drove around Iceland, that whole trip, in general, was so special. But, I’ll never forget driving into the middle of nowhere, parking and then walked an hour to this abandoned airplane. It was just the two of us, a bottle of wine and the open air.

What is something Zach does that makes you laugh?

Z: Almost anything, funniest person I know. Sometimes she talk to cats.

A: He has this crazy good ability at doing accents, that always gets me! I swear he should be an actor.

How did you start dating?

Z: A comedy of errors that led her to think that I was a good enough guy to take a chance on, still figuring out how we got to where we are.

A: I would say we started dating because he asked me to come to Rushlane one night when he was guest bartending. Everyone was there to support him but he kept looking at me. That night, he came over and we talked and talked, near the end of the conversation he asked if he could kiss me… I was wearing deep burgundy lipstick *and you can’t mess that up* so I had to decline, thankfully it kept him on his toes and we’ve been kissing ever since.

What’s your ideal way of spending a Sunday together?

Z: Naked, doing nothing.

A: Sleeping until noon, Zach makes a gorgeous breakfast while I play with the cats and make caesar’s. We work on renovating the loft for a couple hours, before getting ready and meeting up with some friends for wine and cheese at Cote de boeuf.

Three words that describe her/him?

Z: “Perfect to me”.

A: Funny, creative and loving.

How would you describe the dynamic of your relationship?

Z: Equal ownership of pants, I like that we can time-share them.

A: Super supportive and fun-loving.

What was your first impression of Zach?

Z: Could not even get over her physical beauty, and then I got to meet her and was blown even more away by who she was. Mentally cheated on her once with her own butt, true story.

A: Great hair.

What talent does she have that most people wouldn’t imagine when they meet her?

Z: Affability, I have never met someone who is more instantly likeable than Amanda. Best part is she is still that amazing even after years of knowing her. I wish I could be that genuinely friendly.

A: He is SUCH a handyman. Seriously, he’s done all the renovations in our loft *built a wall, all the shelves & retiled the bathroom … just to name a few.

What’s something that Zach does that you can’t get enough of?

Z: Greeting me at the door when I get home after work, it melts all the troubles away.

A: His cooking! I’m seriously the luckiest girl in the WORLD. He will cook these crazy epic meals at 2am and I get to capture every moment.

I hope

that if alternate universes


it will still be you

and me

in the end. I hope that

there will always be an us.

In every world,

in every story.

-Tina Tran


beloved story
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Beloved Story

August 21, 2017

✨✨We got Beloved Stories featured! ✨✨Beloved Stories is a community of photographers and romantic visual storytellers. I used their dreamy Lightroom preset to edit these photos captured by Vanessa Mayberry. Now – I’m ever so happy to share our beloved story with you!

There are so many things I cherish about our love story, but one of the things I love most (aside from my deep admiration and respect for Alex as an individual) is our way of communicating with one another. I mean, our personalities have always clicked, and we feel wildly attracted to another in a visceral way, but it’s also the ways in which we sensitively communicate, combined with our desire to understand and be understood, that brings huge meaning to our lives together.

Our story began in high school, Alex was an exchange student (you’ll read the whole story below), and distance was a factor we knew we’d come up against, but we gave into our feelings as teenagers do. Things changed in our University years as we studied in different countries, and we went separate ways to pursue our studies and grow as individuals. We had remained good friends and technology made it easy to keep in touch with each other over the years (as opposed to back in 2005, when we went through hundreds of calling cards!). It was only until recently, when timing, circumstance, and curiosity brought us to meet up in person. What next? Well here’s our story:

beloved story Continue Reading…