Johanna Seier of Aurea Fitness shares her tips on "How to Stay on Track with Fitness while Travelling"
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How to Stay on Track with Fitness while Traveling with Johanna Seier

October 21, 2016

Fitness bae and founder of #FitGirlGang Johanna Seier shares her tips on “How to Stay on Track with Fitness while Traveling”

Okay! So it can obviously be super easy to go into YOLO mode while on vacay.

We all know what that means… Ignoring exercise completely and eating

absolutely EVERY piece of food in sight. While travelling definitely is a time to

enjoy yourself and ditch the guilt, I am a huge believer in doing the little things to

help you still feel your best while away and actually maximize the enjoyment you

get out of your vacation.Johanna Seier of Aurea Fitness shares her tips on "How to Stay on Track with Fitness while Travelling"

Working out

Maybe back home you hit the gym for 1 hour 5x each week. Well, realistically

that is probably not going to happen on vacation. My best advice is to be efficient

with the time and equipment you have! Maybe that’s a fully functional hotel gym,

or maybe its just a pair of runners and your hotel room. No matter how restricted

you are on both time and equipment, you still have the opportunity to make it



  1. Get it over with early. The last thing you want to worry about while vacationing is having to fit in a late night workout in between all of the fun activities and events you likely have going on. Get up, get it done, and move on with your day!
  2. Know what you’re going to do! Plan out each exercise you’re going to do and for how long. Even if that’s just making a quick note on your iPhone, you’ll be WAY more likely to stick to it if you write it down and aren’t just wandering around aimlessly.

Johanna Seier of Aurea Fitness shares her tips on "How to Stay on Track with Fitness while Travelling"20-Minute Hotel Room Workout

This is a super-quick and effective workout to blast calories, increase your

muscle tone, and get in an awesome sweat without having to leave your room.

Circuit #1:

 Push-ups x 15

*NOTE: To make this more advanced, do these with your feet on your

hotel bed. To modify, drop to your knees.

 Single-leg Glute Bridges x 12/leg

*These are to be done lying on the ground with one heel pressing onto

your armchair or bed.

 Mountain Climbers x 1 minute

Circuit #2:

 Jump lunges x 20

 Tricep Dips x 12

*Done with hands on the edge of your ottoman

 Up and Down Planks x 1 minute

*Drop to your knees to modify

Complete each circuit 3x through with a 90 seconds rest between the two


Johanna Seier of Aurea Fitness shares her tips on "How to Stay on Track with Fitness while Travelling"Eating

Obviously while away, it’s so easy to give in to every single temptation and

completely disregard your health until you get back home. From personal

experience though, I can genuinely say that this is not going to make your trip

more enjoyable! I can remember going to all-inclusive resorts and absolutely

binging on junk food each meal to the point of being SO FULL that I honestly

didn’t even feel good. Yeah sure it was novel and exciting at first, but by the end

of the trip I felt lethargic, energy deprived, and just plain nauseous.


So here is my best advice: YES, enjoy yourself! But don’t completely disregard

health along the way. Try to choose one meal each day that you will allow

yourself to have whatever you want, and attempt to keep the others (as well as

the snacks you have throughout the day) more health conscious. Not only will

you FEEL better (and have wayyyy more energy) getting the nutrients your body

needs, but it is so much more satisfying to have the treats that you TRULY

WANT when the trip isn’t an absolute free-for- all at every single meal. Believe

me, I am all about “TREAT YO-SELF”, I just want to make sure that I’m going to

actually appreciate and enjoy all of the amazing things that I’m treating myself to!


Johanna Seier, Aurea Fitness

Thanks Johanna! Seriously, this girl!!! I felt so inspired after our little afternoon, even I, and I’m borderline sloth lazy, felt I could do this after our meet up. Make sure you follow her on snap (@joseier) and insta (@johanna.seier) and join her #FitGirlGang. Stay tuned for our NEXT blog collab as we talk business and female empowerment!

Photography: Vanessa Mayberry


Tights – Lululemon

Shoes – Nike

Shirt/Sweater – Addidas


Tights – Titika Active

Bra – Titika Active

Shoes – Nike

Sweater – Titika Active


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White Dress – Magali Pascal

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